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Smart by Design

United Academics is a partner of the Smart Technologies by Design project since 2019. Smart by Design is an Eramus+ co-funded project that aims to develop the competences of owners of smart companies.

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Project Outputs

Map of smart city disruptions

A map of city disruptions that provides a deeper overview and impact analysis of the technologies that shape smart cities.

Training Programs

Training packages (modules, self-assessment tools, thesaurus, materials) for the target groups.

Target Groups

Primary target groups: SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Owners and Managers
Secondary target groups: VET Trainers



The Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies Management Club (KISMC) is a Bulgarian NGO established in 2012.


GAIA is the Association of Knowledge and Applied Technologies Industries (ICTA) in the Basque Country.


The ULSIT social mission is to prepare highly qualified, socially responsible personally motivated and adaptive to the labour market specialists.


ARIES Transilvania (Transilvanian Branch of the Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software) is the strongest IT industry-driven structure based in Cluj-Napoca.


The University of Deusto, founded in 1886 by the Society of Jesus, works in seven main areas: Business, Law, Psychology and Education, Theology, Social and Human Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences.


The mission of the United Academics Foundation (UAF) is to connect science and society